Friday, July 3, 2009

"Bold" over!

Every morning I pass by a (I'm sure what you would call positively charming) exhibit of felt heads morbidly supported by sticks, on the corner of E10th St and Broadway. Yes, that green head has eyes coming out about two feet from his sockets. "Bold as Love" is what Adam Parker Smith has named his display, complete with blood puddles, roses, and heads that weren't so lucky keeping up. There was a great appeal to the combination of materials and content here --- perhaps it suggests the juxtaposition between the muppet-like heads and the unsettling message of death, the tension between the use of grade-school felt and the trompe l'oeil realism presented.

Each head is distinct, too. I'd have to say that my favorite head has to be the guy with the pink hair. He must have been such a babe before the sorry accident.

Even the title suggests a degree of shock-value that is presented by this display on Broadway Street. I wouldn't necessarily associate death with love, but talking about death is about as bold of a topic as love, although not quite as generic. I tell myself, "That's New York City for you, Canadian girl; everything is what you expected, but taken up about ten notches. Don't stop at one head...nope. If you want a display facing one of the biggest streets leading up to Union Square from Soho, you need to do about fifteen different heads."

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