Friday, July 3, 2009

yes boy

Image from Band Weblogs

Who can possibly be cooler than Kate Moss right now, and be American at the same time? Lissy Trullie, that's who. Her androgynous garcon style has landed her a perfect little section on titled "Boy Genius", where she offers different suggestions on making menswear womenswear. After flipping through all 26 images on a lonely Friday night in the City, it is safe to say that the lowdown on Trullie's style is this: mix any masculine element with a tank top, or heels, maybe one or the other but rarely together...and throw on a dash of a motorcycle jacket for some serious rock star attitude. Her style is like Agyness Deyn without all the fussy color, or Erin Wasson without the "models only" exclusivity. Oh, and her tunes rock too.

Image from Big Hassle Media and Playlist blog

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