Monday, March 22, 2010


Remember in the 90's and early noughties ('00s) when they upped the color contrasts in all the professional photography? The Azure Ray girls embody quite a few nostalgic things that I miss about those years --- dark lipstick and Renaissance-like art. Speaking of, if you enjoy dark classical things the way I do, you can check out Blue Bayer's handcrafted jewelry,, who has lots of Renaissance and Victorian influences in his work. My favorites are the timepieces and the gears.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stage Lights

I adore backlight photos. Nouvelle Vague in major rock-goddesses action.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Day of March

Does anyone else own a Keel's Simple Diary? I bought the little gem last July as a way to, simply (for lack of a better word), document my adventures while I'm still young and earnestly trying to conquer what's left of the globe. I found the diary at my favorite Strand bookstore by Union Square one night and fell in love with its direct, easy, organized format of journaling (journalizing? Diarizing?). Who doesn't love a little multiple choice where you get to decide which answers are the write ones? Or a little fill in the blanks like someone out there is interviewing you because you're so damn important?

Yesterday I woke up and sunlight was literally bleeding through my sheer silk crepe window curtains. You can imagine how beautiful the fabric is --- oh wait, I meant the sunlight. Sunlight in New York? No way. Not when all you see are buildings and clouds from the pollution of eight million people. First day of March. I could really feel Spring coming, so I got a little inspired and went overboard doodling in my not-so-simple-anymore little diary.

Obviously, I found out today that I was getting ahead of myself in my rose-coloured lens world, since the weather forecast predicts snow for Thursday. Thanks for killing my optimism again, New York.