Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It has the effect that it's falling over. Here's an update on the new Edmonton Art Gallery designed by Randall Stout. The pictures are from winter, so I'm sure more progress has been made by now, but I thought, when something this exciting hasn't happened to Edmonton in centuries, why not share it with the cyberworld (no matter how late)?

Can you feel it?

When I was working at the studio today, the windows were open, we had the blinds down, and for once in a long while...it was so hot we turned on the fans in the room. I met up with my sister Olivia and she had on the perfect summer outfit for today...of course, finished with our mom's vintage Gucci bag no less.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Crazy about...

I am crazy obsessed with mono clothing by Heather Martin. This season, it's dark and poetic --- everything is made to look like spiderwebs, bones, skulls, x-rays....the works! The high price point doesn't help satisfy my addiction to her beautiful avant-garde pieces, but sometimes...looking and appreciating is enough. For now.

Okay, until my next paycheck.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here's some online dessert for you.

It's like a byproduct of the recession. In times of sucky lives with no money, all we've really got going for us is nostalgia, which is probably why since my last blog post the only thing that has really excited me is a fantastic website, www.thefrock.com. Basically, some guy with excellent couture taste started collecting vintage dresses a while back, and when his collection became too overwhelming in size, he decided to put some of these pieces up for sale. He has some divine dresses and coats, all divided under the categories Victorian-Edwardian, Flapper - WWII, Mid-Century, Designer & Couture, Bridal, and Celebrity Wardrobe.

I know. I wasn't kidding when I said this guy has an expensive hobby.

I love that each garment for sale has a date and a little blurb about the garment's construction, materials, and its history. It's like going on the Costume Institute website, only...dare I say it...better. My favorite section has to be the Victorian-Edwardian category, only because this was truly the group of photos I had such a hard time choosing which one I liked even better than the one before. It's shocking that this is no museum here. I have yet to decide on my favorite pieces, so I shall post fabulous ones as soon as I discover them, but for the time being, here's a taste of the frosting:

From Victorian-Edwardian Section

From Bridal Section

From Designer Section

Pictures taken from www.thefrock.com.
Please check out the website for more exclusive and historic garments.