Saturday, June 27, 2009

Walking the High Line

Apparently for New Yorkers, there is nothing more exciting than waiting in line for ten minutes to visit a new park in Chelsea, called Highline Park. This was the big attraction today. People walked around the district in two circles just to find the one entrance they were allowed to get into the park from (or maybe it was just Angelique and I, since we are considerably directionless). Perhaps it's my Edmonton background, but parks just seem so ordinary to me because they have been so easily available to me all my life. Nevertheless, when Frank Gehry designs an elevated apartment complex stemming from the old bridge and train track, I had to see what the hype was about.

My friend Angelique (FIT graduate, Richard Chai intern, and a certified New York pro in all things cool and hip) and her boyfriend Steve moved to New York a year ago. They are one of the most envious couples because they always look like they're straight from The Sartorialist. Anyways, today I had a chance to steal my beautiful friend away from her boyfriend, and she agreed to take me to Highline Park...even in 25 degrees celcius plus weather! What a gem. She had such an easy, relaxed outfit, too --- little harem-style sweat pants and vintage shoes from the Lower East Side picked out by her mom --- perfect for living the high life and walking around the man-made nature that is Manhattan's Highline park.

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