Sunday, November 7, 2010


I rarely declare a true love for something. Crave, yes. Lust, yes. Yearn for, yes. Like a lot, a lot. So maybe you've seen my declaration for a lot of things on my blog, because when you're passionate about something you have to share it with the world right? This weekend I went to see "Gezeiten" by Sasha Waltz & Friends at the Howard Gilman Opera House in BAM. Needless to say where I'm going with this post, but I fell in love.

"Gezeiten" literally translates to "tide" in German. The dance begins slightly purist, with quiet, contemporary ballet, and a cello playing a slow harmony in the background. The dance troupe is organized in single file lines. The mood then shifts to fear, confusion and disarray with rolls and rumbles, choreographed fights; the dance troupe organized in circular huddles. The fight is then interjected with smoke and fire, red lighting, and a slow, melting dance takes place. Finally, the show finishes with destruction --- literally, the performers tore up the floor boards and started pulsating from beneath like an earthquake. There were holes in the walls, dust was flying everywhere, and a lady had cardboard in her pants --- the true works. Every single moment of the dance was a rhythmic interaction between the person, and the environment; sometimes with even the most mundane actions or props.

I thought I'd share some more Sasha Waltz with you thanks to our friends at YouTube.


Dialogue 9 @ Neues Museum


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Rebecca said...

amazing....simply amazing.