Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another Steel Bananas Issue!

Every time another Steel Bananas issue rolls around it reminds me of how fast time goes by. I took the opportunity to do an interview with Nokomis since I was in Edmonton early October, as I think it is the true heartbeat of women's fashion in Edmonton. You've probably seen them in my blogs before...and you've probably seen their little turquoise, screenprinted reusable bags all over Edmonton (or Canada?).

I remember those screenprinting days in the summer as an intern there. One time we ran out of navy paint, so they asked me to choose any colour I wanted. I thought a complimentary colour like orange would be fits the louder side of my personality I guess! So if any of you lucky Edmontonians own an orange Noko bag, it was limited edition!

Click here to go to Steel Bananas


Anonymous said...

i remember that and i remember i always liked to pick special colors when i was printing them and then i learned that jessica hates that. oopps ha ha

Fiona said...

HAHA, oops! It probably wasn't a good thing since the one that I screenprinted had huge yardage too....