Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Hat Parade NY - Flora and Fauna

My favorite hats and crazy outfits that day were the floral ones that Sunday reminded me of Spring. (I know, you must be so sick of hearing me talk about Spring all the time, but really, I love it!) This Japanese Marie Antoinette, above, (who even went through the trouble to wear panniers around her hips) was my faaaaave, next to my friend Vanessa's of course (keep scrolling).

peace and love

And of course, to the leading lady that introduced me to all this fancy hat excitement: Vanessa, whose 4 ft tall, 20 lb hat consecutively tops all other hats every year. All those nights of gluing and glittering flowers and butterflies was well worth it. There was constantly a crowd of locals and tourists pushing each other to get a picture with her. So nice to see the fruits of much creative fun!

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