Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fly Me to the Moon

So I happened upon a Vuitton "Climate Project" ad with Sally Ride, the first American woman in space; next to her was Buzz Aldrin and Jim Lovelle.

I wish I was Sally Ride.

I used to dream about being in a spaceship and going to the moon --- anywhere but where I was. It really is another world out there. When I'm in Manhattan, I actually rarely see the moon because the buildings just tower over it. Now that it gets dark so fast here, I do have the opportunity of catching a wonderful view of it from the studio window in Brooklyn. What would have happened if I had never took the fashion path and became a NASA astronaut? Would I have thought, "Being an astronaut sucks! I should have done something like fashion!" That's the magic of dreaming always want to just kick off your stilettos, throw on the explorer uniform of shoelaced boots, knee-high wool socks, a hunter's jacket, and goggles (that's the quintessential explorer signia) and run away from whatever is going on with your life at the moment.


Fei said...

love the drawing! and it actually felt familiar, like something u would draw! so i was wondering if the tiny initials belongs to you?? Fiona Fung (FF~)?? :D

Angélique said...