Wednesday, November 4, 2009


As an assistant patternmaker, I have the capacity to enjoy beautiful things but rarely have the opportunity to wear them. When you're draping, sewing, and drafting, it is near impossible to stretch, bend, kneel, and climb in that beautiful vintage YSL jacket of mine, that Nina Ricci dress in my closet, or in my mom's beaded Holt Renfrew jacket.

Obviously, my vanities call me to settle for something else pretty, like this slick gunmetal fishtail bangle that gets me quite a few compliments from strangers and friends alike. Not only that, I get to look at it all day when I'm drafting skirt patterns after jacket patterns after dress patterns. The relatively flat construction of the bracelet also makes it super comfortable to rest my wrists on the table when my hands get tired. What won't tire are my eyes since I will be oogling over it all day.


Angélique said...

The fish-fins are still going strong!

Fei said...

love your new banner pic!!~

elizabeth said...

ooooh, I'm jealous of that bracelet! Beauty. How goes the drafting?