Friday, March 6, 2009

they have a whole degree on light installations at Parsons, too.

Electricity and I do not get along not only because I have a fear of getting electricuited in the most strangest ways possible ---- it's all those crazy wires and plugs, and they remind me of engineering which reminds me of my dad which reminds of why I was always bored of sciences which reminds me of why I wanted to be in clothing design in the first place. Although I must be a year and a half behind on this artist, I just want to emphasize the sheer creativity and large-scale light "sculptures" by Ai Wei Wei. My favorite one has to be the red lantern that looks like it's in the middle of falling down but is caught in freeze-frame motion. It's titled "Descending Light" and the sculpture is actually constructed out of glass crystals. Even on my recent shopping trips, I've picked up on admiring quality light installations and the drama they can create, even in an empty room.

Of course, still not wiring it on my own though.

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