Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yes, sometimes I like cutesy things. Do you have a problem with my schizophrenia?

I've been so busy doing things outside of the cyber world that meeting Angelique and her friends today reminded me of our previous coffee excursion two weeks ago!

Spring came early in New York, and despite a couple days of heavy rain, the weather was beautiful (as I kept hoping for in my Simple Diary). We met up for some much needed Starbucks caffeine, and noticed that we both happened to bust out our Spring shoes. We caught up on our little lives in the big world of fashion.

Spring gives me so much energy: the more optimistic the color, the better. The more light gossip, the better. The more energy-boosting drinks to compound current said energy...the best. That's why all the pink, all the ribbons, all the gingham, all the smiley faces, and the Dreamy Poppy nail polish in these pictures make me become nostalgic for that very Saturday Angelique and I decided to meet up for Starbucks on a spring day.

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Fei said...

love the little ribbon like thingy, on her wrist!~ i love ribbons!