Friday, January 1, 2010

Diary of an Obsessive Window Shopper

I've started a sister photoblog dedicated to the art of commercial window decorating during my time in fashion and travels around the world. You can really determine the type of product and level of service to expect from a store just by looking at its windows. My friends never understand why I obsess over the extravagant amount of effort and creativity that's put into a store's little outsides, but some are just so complex they look like art installations themselves! Anyways, if you are fond of major eye candy the way I am, click here. xo!


Fei said...

i totally agree with u!! did u know like in the major touristy shopping malls in malaysia, (such as those in the twin towers) the stores display has to actually be evaluated before its qualified to be displayed??? i think they are the most fascinating ideas, and there are specialist who does this too!

Fei said...

i think this is such an amazing/unique blog idea, keep it up babe!!