Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vintageland - A trip to Fabulous Fanny's

I've died and gone to vintage heaven. Angelique showed me a beautiful, quirky "antique & vintage eyewear & clothing, optical oddities" store. That's a mouthful of a tagline on Fabulous Fanny's business card, but it mirrors the endlessness of treasures and glasses frames. The glasses, depending on design, vintage, brand, lens, etc., ranged from $75-$300+. They had beautiful eye mask glasses also (the only ones that were locked up in a glass case), with two noteworthy ones: one was a pair of metal frame glasses that had wires stemming from the rims to form into a large butterfly with stones, and the other was a pair of circle frame glasses studded with large glass crystals in rainbow colors. These exotic frames were a a lot more pricier at $1500+. I have my eyes on a pair of more humble, orange plastic ones that are part nerd, part sassy-cat-eye. Just like me.

After spending hours playing with different frames, we moved into the next room full of clothes, and......hats. Lots of hats for lots of occasions. All at decent prices starting at $25. Angelique tried on this floppy beautiful sun hat with silk flowers attached to the inside brim and a large navy velvet bow on the outside (above).

A small braided pillbox hat...

How about a turban?

Then we had enough, and decided that after all the trying on of hats at this milliner's haven, Angelique couldn't stop thinking about the vintage sequined cardigan.

You can check out the selection of famous funky frames at Fabulous Fanny's

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