Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hey Joo-d.

Even though I am a connoisseur of the color black, I don't often post several photos of friends who wear this shade in my blog.

I met Joo today, and we were both coincidentally wearing black fedoras to a picnic excursion in Brooklyn planned by our mutual friends. Joo and her friend look like a perfect buddy match in their summer versons of head-to-toe black.

I've been coveting leopard accessories, or leopard prints paired as an accent in outfits. Trust me, I've scouted the racks at second-hand store Buffalo Exchange three times, and still haven't found the perfect leopard print item. Joo wore a pair of cute leopard print shorts to offset her all-black outfit. I am also coveting the YSL Y-Mail tote she was carrying, which I spotted at Saks on the second day after I arrived in New York. Totes are the New York equivalent to gym bags in Canada --- there's no way you can get through the day without carrying a satchel big enough for your umbrella, your dayplanner, your phone, your wallet, an extra pair of flats, hand sanitizer, lotion, lipstick, sunblock, picnic blanket, fruit dip, brownies, mozarella baguettes, and a Don Cuervo. And black is chic, non?

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