Saturday, June 13, 2009

miigwech, nokomis!

I've spent the last six weeks doing my practicum at Nokomis, an independent clothing store that sells exclusively Canadian clothing on trendy Whyte Avenue in Edmonton. The Nokomis girls taught me how to do everything in their business --- post office runs, screenprinting, steaming, sewing, cutting --- in a style that's feminine, elegant, undeniably young, and trendy but never chichi (I'm sure judging by the pictures you can see their spirit anyways). Jessica and Elizabeth both own Nokomis (far left and far right). Elizabeth and Genevieve (center) are the designers, and Genevieve also has her own jewelry line, Myrtle and Pearls, which she sells in-store. I've received rave compliments on my fluttery feather earrings e.v.e.r.y.t.i.m.e I've worn them. Anyways, I've been dying to get the girls' picture because they have such awesome style, but I didn't think they would appreciate me asking them every single morning as I sit on the doorstep of the studio.

Of course, we can't forget about gentle Tara, muse and model to Nokomis, who has also agreed to let me take a picture of her wearing her Hastings and Main zipper tank:

Last night I ran into a high school classmate at a bar and we started talking about fashion and such. She flipped out when I told her that I did my practicum at Nokomis, and kept chatting about a particular leather fanny pack she's been dying to get once she's stopped spending all her money on music festivals. I distinctly remember her saying that if she could, she would want to own every single item in the store. And this girl won against me in the vote for "Best Dressed Female" in high school. How lucky was I to have been able to do my practicum here? xo!

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