Sunday, June 7, 2009

easy breezy lemon squeezy

One of the ironic things about fashion and style is that one always looks the best when one has tried the least hardest.

We used to tease my friend Yoni for denying his metrosexuality and joy of shopping, but what we really meant was that, in actuality, we couldn't deny his confidence and style --- which usually consists of high contrasting black-and-white prints, urban coats, bboy kicks, and signature afro. When you know what works, it only takes a few minutes to throw your signature uniform together.

My sister also picked one of my favorite weekend outfits that's a mish-mash of grunge and hippie. Her pieces here are from all over the world, most of them vintage, and she looks so relaxed, hip and cool all in one.

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Reikkowen said...

hi babe! i like the shoes that livvy is wearing,and both the pic also strike me in the same category of colors and looks!~ (except for the hair of cos, lol!)

im trying to blog in malay because am trying to improve it. LOL. once in a blue moon i suppose!

it SNOWED?????????? in summer??? the weather is just so weird! im trying to save some money to buy a direct flight to canada, hopefully august, hopefully hopefully!~ if not...maybe next year then... :D