Friday, April 10, 2009

Feminine shifts are in the air...

For all the Edmontonians that love feminine dresses in classic shifts, this would have been a killer show. The lineup for the night was a list of designers that showed dresses, and dresses, and dresses for spring: Laura Dreger, Andeo Hats by Michelle Djonlic with Sabrina Butterfly Designs, Patricia Glanville (from Calgary), Tressa Heckbert, and Laura Presber (from Calgary) presented by Edmonton boutique My Filosophy.

Andeo Hats made a huge shift from last season's pillbox hats and veils, creating a line of wide-brimmed, straw and felt hats in beige with a Southamptons feel. A few other hats took on a more cylindrical feel, and was adorned with ribbons, flowers and such. All in all, the line created a 1900's vibe remniscent of My Fair Lady.

Patricia Glanville's collection was probably my favorite of the night, taking on the popular Grecian-goddess trend, but adding her own elegant twist with fifties-style head scarves, and large rosettes, romantic white fabrics (some damask), and one-shoulder dresses.

Although Tressa Heckbert's garments still show that she is relatively new in her game, she created the most interesting runway theme and show. Models walked out wrapped in a large plastic shields, and pose in statue-like poses at the end of the runway, contributing to the sci-fi inspired, sculptural commentary of the clothes in the collection.

At the end, Tressa herself stands in the middle of the stage at the back, taking off the plastic shields to unveil each model. My favorite piece from her collection had to be a Lanvin look-alike:

In its entirety, Tressa Heckbert might have lacked a little consistency in terms of a colour scheme for her collection as whole, but she didnt' deny her careful attention to tailoring that is fitted and womanly all at once. Exhibit A: the photo below shows all the models in one consistent silhouette, the shift.

As for Laura Presber, she didn't display anything new and exciting, but she did what she did best, which was stick to marketable, work clothing done in absolutely beautiful and wearable fabrics. She made her target market blatantly clear with the long, center-parted, straight hair of the models marching down the runway to a cheery, Spring song. The key item for this collection was the finale, a black trench coat.

(By the way, I do promise to have a better camera as soon as possible. The lighting is so poor in all these photos)

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