Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mood: "Vertigo"

Remember when we were hired to follow someone and we became so obsessed with him/her, that when that person died, we found someone else that looked like him/her and made him/her dress up like the one that died? Me neither, but that's the plot for Hitchcock's Vertigo. My favorite scene is where James Stewart goes in a long, full-out, one-minute embrace with Kim Novak after she has "become" Madeline, and the camera does a 360-degree around the two actors, while James Stewart's head completely obscures Novak's face until the shot is complete. Absolutely perfect... and brings to mind the dizzying shot at the end where Stewart looks down the stairs of the bell tower. It's proof that Hitchcock's highly stylized movies have a long shelf life in pop culture --- case in point: doesn't Dries Van Noten's heavily-lined, death-stare eyes and slim-fitting, '60's style geometric dresses of his Spring 09 line come to mind?

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