Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Narciso Rodriguez Fall '09 RTW

Now, I am a HUGE fan of Narciso. There's nothing more difficult for a designer than to make clothes that create huge impact with a minimalist aesthetic. Take for example, Francisco Costa, and Ghesquiere (on certain days). However, in these "economic times" (I hate those words), you're fighting all the fashion competition out there, so it's just downright embarrassing when you recycle designs that aren't even ten years apart. Heck, these two dresses don't even use different colours:

(Left: Narciso Rodriguez Spring 2007 RTW, Right: Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2009 RTW)
(Photos taken from, Marcio Madeira)

And isn't it just contradictory for Narciso to use that same dress for both Spring and Fall, two entirely different seasons? And isn't it horrible to think that the dress on the right was the final garment for his Fall show? Tragic.

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