Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Big, heavy, decorative metal necklaces.

Although I often advocate against sale signs hysteria and boxing day shopping of any sort, I am more than satisfied about this new necklace that I bought from Lucky Brand. Lucky Brand is just one of those stores that is never a slave to fashion trends, like that hippie girl on Friends who looks absolutely ridiculous each episode but you can't help give her the props for pulling it off. At Lucky, more is more, and even more is better.

That's the case for this necklace I keep raving about to my friends. The wonderful thing about it is that it appears to have a great deal of volume to it, but its arrangement of multiple, thin chains actually makes it very thin. The decorative center-plate with two stones in the middle reminds me of the shields in those old wood engravings of Persian military soldiers, and will be my nod to the Sgt.Pepper rebel references in Paris street fashion. It's got a sexy empowering thing going on for me because it makes the woman look absolutely beautiful and fragile, but in reality, carrying it on that dainty neck is just not easy business, so it takes a real girl who can suck up all that bullshit about heavy inconvenient jewelry detracting from the face, and wear it with true confidence and awareness of personal style.

Screw the bejeweled t-shirts of Ed Hardy that all the girls and guys love because tattoo art makes them look so tough. Real warriors wear the heavy armour around their necks, and this necklace will make for a perfect defense against those hyper-excited mothers consumed by marketing gimmicks I'll have to push my way through when I take my next trip to the mall.

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