Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Day of March

Does anyone else own a Keel's Simple Diary? I bought the little gem last July as a way to, simply (for lack of a better word), document my adventures while I'm still young and earnestly trying to conquer what's left of the globe. I found the diary at my favorite Strand bookstore by Union Square one night and fell in love with its direct, easy, organized format of journaling (journalizing? Diarizing?). Who doesn't love a little multiple choice where you get to decide which answers are the write ones? Or a little fill in the blanks like someone out there is interviewing you because you're so damn important?

Yesterday I woke up and sunlight was literally bleeding through my sheer silk crepe window curtains. You can imagine how beautiful the fabric is --- oh wait, I meant the sunlight. Sunlight in New York? No way. Not when all you see are buildings and clouds from the pollution of eight million people. First day of March. I could really feel Spring coming, so I got a little inspired and went overboard doodling in my not-so-simple-anymore little diary.

Obviously, I found out today that I was getting ahead of myself in my rose-coloured lens world, since the weather forecast predicts snow for Thursday. Thanks for killing my optimism again, New York.


Fei said...

lol snow in spring...!

Angélique said...


I often have interview sessions w/ myself in my head as well :)